A simple yet powerful music bot that brings a seamless music experience to your server.


  • Advanced Music System With Control Buttons
  • Premium System & Vote System
  • Song Request Channel
  • 24/7 Mode
  • Lyrics search with GENIUS API
  • Multi Language
  • Prefix & Slash Commands
  • 25+ Filters
  • Customizable Music Card with Mewcard (added 19 themes)
  • Playlist System
  • Play Song Using File
  • Play Lofi Mode For Soft Music
  • Play Radio FM Stations
  • Shard System
  • Top,gg statistics & Vote Logs

Command Categories

DEVannouncement, blacklist-guild, blacklist-user, premium-code, helpdesk, helper, premium-remove, restart, bot-status, update
INFOabout, allcommands, dev, disclaimers, help, info, invite, lavalink, ping, premium-check, privacy-policy, rating, report, suggestions, terms-of-services
MUSICautoplay, clearqueue, forward, join, lofi, loop, lyrics, pause, nowplaying, play, previous, queue, radio, remove, replay, resume, rewind, seek, shuffle, skip, stop, volume
PLAYLISTpl-add, pl-all, pl-create, pl-delete, pl-detail, pl-info, pl-editor, pl-play, pl-remove, pl-savequeue
FILTERaudioblendx, 3d, bass, bassboost, china, chipmunk, darthvader, daycore, doubletime, earrape, equalizer, karaoke, nightcore, pitch, pop, rate, reset, slowmotion, soft, speed, superbass, television, treblebass, tremolo, vaporwave, vibrate, vibrato
SETTINGS247, language, control, minecraft-setup, reset-guild, redeem, setup
UTILSavatar, ban, cat, github, guild-info, kick, minecraft-stats, member-info, purge, ticket-setup, quote, user

Support Sources

Default SourcesBadge

🔌 Plugin Sources: (Require: LavaLink v4.0.x)

Note: You need to install the plugins to use these sources

Plugin SourcesBadgeRequired Plugin
DeezerDeezerRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
Apple MusicApple MusicRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
Yandex MusicYandex MusicRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
MixcloudMixcloudRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
OcremixOcremixRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
ClypClypRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
RedditRedditRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
GetyarnGetyarnRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
TikTokTikTokRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
SoundgasmSoundgasmRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)
Text To SpeechText To SpeechRequired Plugin (opens in a new tab)